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This week I’ve been making new soft sculpture creatures for an Exhibition next month at the Park Gallery, Callander House in Falkirk.

I get ideas for these bubbling away while I’m working on other things. Out of everything I make I think the creatures are my favourite because there’s so much scope to let my imagination run riot. The sketches were done at the ironing board when I set to work and only took a couple of minutes. Just a visual reminder for me. They are a starting off point. Details frequently change along the way…all the time I’m thinking about the fabrics – do the textures go well together..? Are the colours right? Is there enough contrast to make the features stand out clearly…? Always so many questions…

2015-10-08 16.35.41

Scruff before he was stuffed. I really enjoyed arranging all the snippets of fabric – they were moved around a fair bit until they looked right and then I pinned and stitched them in place. That’s the kind of thing I could do for hours on end without getting bored…very therapeutic indeed!

materialised mantelpiece

This is ‘Lucky’, who ended up slightly different from the sketch because I decided to give him a four leaved Clover. Although, logically I don’t believe that there is such a thing as good or bad luck I like the idea behind lucky charms…they seem optimistic and hopeful to me…as if owning one gives you permission to accept good things into your life.

lucky bunny

Dotty, is wrapped up for Winter but still very glam…never seen without a bit of twinkle to highlight her eyes!

textile soft sculptures

I’ve already done sketches for more…

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