Scottish Design Exchange

It’s been a couple of weeks since I dropped my textile goodies off at the Scottish Design Exchange so  I decided to take a trip into Edinburgh yesterday to see how things were going.

The Scottish Design Exchange can be found at Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Leith, Edinburgh. It is a new concept retail space for artists and designer working and manufacturing in Scotland, showcasing the best of modern, contemporary Scottish design.  Working on behalf of the makers, The Scottish Design Exchange is providing support and an opportunity to bring their products to retail. You can find it on the 1st floor near Debenhams, the store is brimming with fantastic products all designed and made in Scotland. Jewellery, leather products, clothing, skin care, furniture, artwork, homeware… and more coming in every day! No commission is added to products so you pay a fair price for the goods and what you pay goes directly to the artist or designer.

I found the shop looking fabulous and full to overflowing with work by about 60 Scottish artists, designers and craft-makers. When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was my big rabbit, Grayson, right in the window!

My purses and brooches have been displayed together in a glass cabinet and I noticed a few have sold already, which is lovely. Thanks as always to everyone who buys my work. I wouldn’t be able to carry on my creative business without your support so every single sale means a great deal to me. I’m really excited to have my work available in this new venue, as potentially it will be seen by a lot more people and not necessarily the same people who would visit craft fairs or galleries. I certainly couldn’t be happier with how it has been presented, within the shop.

It’s a large space and I spent ages walking round looking at everything, was glad I managed to start my Christmas shopping (and it’s only November!) and took loads of photos…

Have you been yet? I’d be interested to know what you think! :-)

If you click on any thumbnail it will open the full image and allow you to scroll through the gallery.

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