January GOALS

25th of January ALREADY! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged so here’s a quick update of how things are with me. This month I’ve been fairly busy with sorting out paperwork and planning what I’d like to achieve for the year.

Tax self assessment has been submitted (hooray!) but that always makes me realise I need to get more organised and business minded. Last year was probably my worst year financially and creatively, since I became self employed 10 years ago.

From the start of last year I was suffering with shoulder and back problems, which was making sitting at my sewing machine painful. I know this is an extremely common problem with craft makers, or any job involving a lot of sitting and not much in the way of exercise. In February I took up running and gradually things improved, only to be replaced by new pain in my hip/backside area, especially when sitting down and by October the hip pain was stopping me running.

Instead of making accessories I decided to get back to drawing and painting, but I found the results disappointing. Meanwhile, I’d started the renovations on my workroom I’d been putting off for a couple of years. After being up a ladder stripping wallpaper on the ceiling my back had had enough and the next day it went ping when I bent down to plug in my charger! So things were not looking too rosie at the end of last year and by Christmas I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, anxious and generally depressed. I was struggling to get much work done, which made me even more miserable. I’ve been there before but it’s been years since I felt quite that awful. I took a long break over Christmas and am relieved that I gradually began to feel like myself again…

So NOW…lots of plans for this year! Soon I’ll make an appointment at the physiotherapist. Hopefully we can get to the root of the problem and banish the aches and pains for good. Then I’ll hopefully start running again…by far the best thing I did last year!

As for 2017, I’ve set 3 GOALS:

  1. Finish my workroom – This is absolutely essential because at the moment I’m working on things on a tray on my knee and have materials scattered all over the house. Not the best for a good working routine
  2. Rebrand my business as my own name, rather than materialised. Have wanted to do this for a while because not everything I do is ‘material’ related and I will feel more relaxed as ‘myself’. I’ve made a small start by changing the name of this blog.
  3. Start daily drawing again – complete a year long project of faces and portrait drawings / artwork. I want to improve my drawing skills and find a way to bring my textile work and drawing closer together. I painted many portraits when I was an art student and hope that returning to this subject matter with reignite my enthusiasm.

Are you on Instagram? I made a 2nd Instagram account for my drawings ( @julia.laing )  which you can find here.

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