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Spent some time looking at photos on Flickr tonight….it’s been AGES since I did that. 10 years ago I was on the site almost every day and it was the first place I tentatively shared pictures of my work. I discovered a craft community growing in confidence and also hundreds of amazing artists, many of whom I still follow today.

I love that there’s so much creativity going on out there. It’s unstoppable and glorious! Artists working away, doing what they love and bringing so much joy to other people! This is a small selection of images that caught my eye. Thanks to the artists for sharing their work.

Follow the links to see the individual images in full. Enjoy!

1. I see faces in the dirty napkin., 2. menagerie!, 3. Starting to come to life. #redridinghood #workinprogress #embroideredillustration #fibreart #textileartist #stitch #marnalunt, 4. Forgot to show you my ace new nails by @tip_y_toes. I’m really becoming addicted, but you know what, I’m finding it a perfect remedy to those winter blues that are already hitting me. Today I’m taking the day off. I’m going to drink tea, watch detective t, 5. EDUCATIONAL CHART#1, 6. WP_20170208_22_33_01_Pro, 7. Cat coin purse keychain, 8. Ashia, 9. untouchable, 10. Doodle with red & pink. (Color done on my #ipad after importing a doodle.) πŸ”΄βœοΈβš«οΈπŸ’—πŸ“±#procreateapp #15minutesdaily, 11. flying sun homes, from outside, 12. Hand stitched bracelets, 13. february yellows, 14. Our flock of birds in their new home . #sundaydecorating #birds #flockofbirds #charleyharper #wildlife #interiors #decorating #namethatbird #birdwatching #diningroom, 15. B & W girl kitty, 16. Untitled

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