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Social media is still my favourite method of procrastination – I know I’m not alone in this! Lately, I’ve spent less time on Facebook but am enjoying other sites more, like twitter and especially, Instagram. Sometimes if you’re busy, there’s not a lot of time to chat but you still want a visual fix. Instagram satisfies that need! It’s perfect for delving into and discovering new artists and makers. Not only can you see new work almost as it’s made but you also get an idea of the artist’s inspiration and lifestyle from the pictures they share.

I feel lucky to have found some very lovely and inspiring people on Instagram and decided to share 10 with you. It was very hard to choosing just one image so please click the links to see more of what they do.

1. @katyhalfordillustration Katy’s illustrations are so lively and imaginative. This cat illustration is fabulous. I think it captures all the mischief of a cat playing in the garden perfectly. Katy is also a wedding stationery designer, with a gorgeous range of  wedding invitations, table plans and save the date cards. To see more visit Katy Halford.co.uk

2. @nikki_greenkunz Nikki is a multi talented maker, creating ceramics, designing dolls, and producing prints from her original illustrations. Her photography is stunning and there is a very clear and unique artistic vision running through everything she does. She also has a shop.

3. @artbybeata Beata has created a wonderful range of accessories, using fabrics which she also designed herself. Another multi-talented lady! Her Love, Beata collection includes cosmetic bags, clutches, coin purses and bows, all perfectly styled.

4. @thisismoonlight  You can tell, looking at her Instagram pictures that Nicki is passionate about the environment. Lots of beautiful nature shots as well as natural fibres. Her explorations in handmade clothes are exciting and imaginative and alway styled dynamically! You can read Nicki’s blog here: thisismoonlight.wordpress.com

Just a little hi and thankyou to all my new followers! I wanted to introduce myself, as this Insta feed can jump all over the place but really there’s just one story going on here, and here’s a little piece of it.. Most of my adult life I have been head down bottom up being all academic, sciency and worky, even after my first kid I ploughed on through. Then, I hit a really, really rough patch. At the end of the rough patch I was diagnosed with breast cancer and so life stopped still for a while. At the start of this year I had a choice. Do I plough or do i grow? I decided on growing. I’m stopping for a while to hug my children, kiss my husband, marvel at the swans, make things with meaning, smile at the flowers, and breathe the sunset. I’m just letting my creative brain go a bit wild for a while and seeing what happens… Whether you are here for the swans, or the pots, or the wild clothes, or the natural dyeing or just some laughs at my silly poses I hope you enjoy the ride! #moonlightexpressions A photo posted by Nicki Thisismoonlight (@thisismoonlight) on

5. @fefa45 AKA Fernanda Guedes works with textiles, creating dolls and free motion embroidery – This feed is full of colour and all her work exudes joyfulness!

6. @thefahiondonkey  Another favourite! “Jennifer Hoyden, illustrator. Hand-drawn lines of distinctive delicacy” – I took that quote from Jennifer’s website but couldn’t agree more! I always enjoy her posts, which take the form of a visual journal entries – with little snippets and whimsical musings of her thoughts, her outfits, her home, her travels and her imagination…

7. @totootse Ira Lemeshinsky is a doll artist from Israel. I think her creations are adorable and it’s obvious she has spent a long time perfecting their unique style. I certainly have never seen dolls eyes or hair made this way. Find her wonderful creations in the Totootse shop but be quick, they sell out fast!

8. @sarahjperrydesigns Sarah is a textile artist and designer, who makes incredibly fine hand-embroidery, of birds and animal subjects. Her gorgeous work is raised, so it becomes 3D and very textural. The original textile pieces are available from her website…click through and scroll to the bottom of the page for a beautiful embroidered cat.

Happy Valentines day x # valantines #love #bird #message A photo posted by Sarah Perry (@sarahjperrydesigns) on

9. @milkhousestudio  is American artist, Hannah Burnworth, whose work is fun and experimental. She creates beautiful handmade books, and collages, combining paper and stitch…oh and also paints! If you want to learn more about Hannah and her work, check out her website: manchestermilkhouse.com

  A little cutting, pasting, painting, coloring, drawing, and layering.   A photo posted by Hannah Burnworth (@milkhousestudio) on

10. @becausemaybe Another Instagram feed where it was so hard to choose a single picture to represent all that Nellie Le does! She designs plush cassettes and knitted hats. She also produces ultra cute illustrations, badges and cards.  I really enjoy seeing the pencil sketches she posts, which are really lively and fun. Nellie has a shop which is well worth a visit!

A batch of mixtapes ready for the End Of Summer Pop-Up on Sunday. 11am–4pm at @spirithousebar. A photo posted by Nellie Le (@becausemaybe) on

I hope you enjoyed my selection! And as if that wasn’t enough, I’m on there too! You can follow me at @materialised Are you? If you are on Instagram don’t forget to leave your username in the comments :-)

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  1. I’m thankful to you both for sharing your work on Instagram and allowing me to share it here! x


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